#12: Power Electronics (GaN and SiC)

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[00:00] GaN Power IC’s for Power Electronics (Urmimala Chatterjee – imec)
[22:00] SiC Technology: Towards Future Power Devices and IC’s (Tobias Erlbacher – Fraunhofer IISB)
[46:30] Questions and Answers

#11: Toolbox for SME’s in Micro- and Nano-electronics

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[00:00] Welcome (Alesia Ramanishyna – Silicon Saxony)
[02:05] Introduction to ASCENT+ (Giorgos Fagas – ASCENT+ Programme Lead – Tyndall National Institute)
[13:50] Benefits for the SMEs (Alesia Ramanishyna – EU Project Manager at Silicon Saxony Cluster)
[19:40] What makes ASCENT+ attractive for SMEs? (Tony Maindron – Micro & Nano-Technologies Director at MINALOGIC Cluster)
[34:20] Testimonial of a successful ASCENT+ TA project (Fernando González-Zalba – Lead Quantum Engineer – Quantum Motion, UK SME)
[44:15] Questions and Answers

#10: Advanced Characterisation Techniques

#9: Quantum Computing

#8: Material development for MRAM and FRAM stacks

#7: Sustainable Electronics

#6: ASCENT+ Offering: Angle-Resolved PhotoEmission Spectroscopy (ARPES)

#5: ASCENT+ Offering: 2D Materials

#4: ASCENT+ Offering: GaN IC for Power Electronics

#3: ASCENT+ Offering: Diamond Technology

#2: ASCENT+ Showroom: What’s on offer?

#1: ASCENT+ Launch of Access to Nanoelectronics Infrastructure