Ryowa complex permeability spectra measurement. BH loop tracer.


  • Complex permeability characterisation at room temperature (RT) from 1MHz to 9GHz
  • Loss spectra up to 9GHz for a sample size 4mm×0.8mm×10mm
  • Transverse bias field measurement from 0 to 0.2T.
BH Loop Tracer
  • Real time hysteresis loop measurement on blanket Si Wafer (4” & 6”) up to a field of 0.1T
  • Real time hysteresis loop measurement on patterened Si Wafer (4” & 6”) up to a field of 0.1T
  • Real time determination of easy and hard anisotropy axis
  • Measurement of magnetostriction
  • Measurement of anisotropy field

Magnetic prober, magnetic characterisation, electrical characterisation


Model Ryowa PMM 9G SHB Mesa 200 HF
Wafer size Prepared samples only 100mm to 150mm
Temperature Range Room Temperature
Fully Automated Single sample only Single wafer only
Characterisation RF: 1MHz to 9GHz Real time hysteresis loop measurement

Ascent+ facility

Platform Technologies

  • Nano for Quantum Technologies
  • Disruptive Devices

Key Enabling Technologies

  • Metrology / Characterisation: Electrical/magnetic characterisation

Additional information

Key Enabling Capability

Metrology / Characterisation

Platform Technology

Disruptive Devices, Nano for Quantum Technologies