LDI Lithography

Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) Lithography



Laser Direct Imaging Lithography Service

  • Full area maskless laser direct imaging system
  • Fully automated processing for 200mm and 300mm wafer substrates as well as processing of large scale substrates up to 800×800 mm2
  • Camera system for layer alignment and metrology
  • Top side alignment accuracy down to 100nm
  • Real time auto focus system
  • Multiple alignment modes for 3D integration
  • Gray scale lithography exposure mode
  • Minimum feature size: 750nm
  • Can be combined with coating and metal deposition services


Write Mode I
Minimum structure size [µm] 0.75
Address grid [nm] 12.5
Edge roughness [3σ, nm] 40
CD uniformity [3σ, nm] 65
2nd layer alignment [3σ, nm] 100

Ascent+ facility

Platform Technologies

  • Nano for Quantum Technologies
  • Disruptive Devices

Key Enabling Technologies

  • Processing: Lithography

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Key Enabling Capability


Platform Technology

Disruptive Devices, Nano for Quantum Technologies


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