High Temperature Prober

High Temperature Prober

Cascade Manual Prober (RT to 300°C)

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200mm manual probe station with a chuck temperature capability range from Room Temperature to 300°C. The prober has 5 independent DC positioners for manual electrical characterisation. It sits within a Faraday Cage/Box which provides appropriate electrical/noise isolation.

High temperature (HT), 300°C, Faraday cage, electrical characterisation

Model: Cascade Manual 12000
Wafer size: Up to 200mm wafers
Temperature Range: Room Temperature to 300°C
Fully Automated: Single Wafer
RF on Wafer characterisation: No

Ascent+ facility

Platform Technologies

  • Nano for Quantum Technologies
  • Disruptive Devices

Key Enabling Capability

  • Metrology / Characterisation: Electrical characterisation

Case Study
A researcher wants to investigate the effect of low-T plasma treatment on Si nanowires (NWs). Using Tyndall test devices fabricated on SiO2-Si wafer in Tyndall. First they carry out comprehensive electrical characterisation of the devices during visit to the facility. Plasma treatment is then performed at the user’s. The treated devices are then electrically characterised again. The results show how the plasma treatment diffuses doping impurity from surface to bulk of the silicon NWs at low temperature and decrease the contact resistivity between metal contact and Si NW. [Click here for more details]

Additional information

Key Enabling Capability

Metrology / Characterisation

Platform Technology

Disruptive Devices, Nano for Quantum Technologies