HEMT with Driver

HEMT with Driver

In this GaN IC, a gate driver is monolithically integrated with a power transistor. To achieve high speed switching and stable operation in a small circuit area, the driver is integrated in a same chip with the switch.


Power HEMT with Integrated Driver

By using imec’s GaN IC technology a gate driver and a power switch is placed in a single die. The power switch is a 200V device and the driver is a push-pull topology. In conventional circuits consisting of discrete components, switching speed is limited by gate resistance, which is required to suppress the switching noise induced by the driver-to-gate parasitic inductance. This monolithic integration fully utilizes the fast switching capability of the GaN HEMT because the parasitic inductance on the gate terminal is significantly minimized.

This GaN IC has been manufactured in our GaN-on-SOI technology. Its functionality has been successfully tested in a demonstrator level.

Available in bare die

GaN IC, Integrated driver, power HEMT

Device characteristics at 25°C:

Vds (Drain-source breakdown voltage) 200V
Id,sat (Sat. drain current) 8A
Id,con (Continuous drain current) 3-4A
Vth (Threshold voltage) 3.5V
Vgs (Nominal gate-source voltage) 6V
Fmea (Switching Frequency) up to 2MHz
Rds,on @25°C (On-resistance) 70mΩ
Rds,on @150°C (On-resistance) 140mΩ

Ascent+ facility

Platform Technology

  • Advanced Integration

Key Enabling Capability

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Typical Applications
Used in high frequency power converters where integration helps to achieve clean and smooth switching transition

[DOI: 10.1109/IEDM19573.2019.8993572]

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Key Enabling Capability

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Platform Technology

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