Half Bridge with Driver

Half Bridge with Driver

Using imec 200V GaN IC platform, a Half-Bridge switch with a monolithically integrated gate driver is developed. This GaN IC consists of a high side switch, a low side switch, a push pull gate driver along with a level shifter. Integration of a driver circuit with a power HEMT reduces the parasitic inductance, in-turn a clean and robust switching is possible to achieve.


Monolithic half-bridge Switch with Integrated Driver

imec’s GaN IC is a unique technology that integrates a high-side and a low-side switch in a single die by solving the back-gating effect of a half-bridge switch. Using a classic GaN-on-Si technology, the common substrate is grounded by the source-to-substrate (Vbs) connection of the low-side switch. As the substrate is common the Vbs of the high-side switch is floating, which results in a back-gating effect that negatively affects the Rdson.

In our technology the problem is solved by processing on SOI wafers, where the buried oxide (BOX) combined with the deep trench isolation (DTI) effectively isolate high-side and low-side switches. Each individual power device has a local contact from the source to the thin silicon layer on top of the BOX, such that Vbs=0V is guaranteed in all cases.

The presented GaN IC has been manufactured in our GaN IC technology on SOI. Its functionality has been successfully tested in a 48 to 1 Volt buck converter demonstrator.

Available in bare die.

GaN IC, Integrated driver, Half-bridge

Device characteristics at 25°C:

Vds (Drain-source breakdown voltage) 200V
Id,sat (Sat. drain current) 8A
Id,con (Continuous drain current) 3-4A
Vth (Threshold voltage) 3.5V
Vgs (Nominal gate-source voltage) 6V
Fmea (Switching Frequency) up to 2MHz
Rds,on @25°C (On-resistance) 70mΩ
Rds,on @150°C (On-resistance) 140mΩ

Ascent+ facility

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Typical Applications
Used in high frequency power converters where integration helps to achieve clean and smooth switching transition


[DOI: 10.1109/IEDM19573.2019.8993572]

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