200V enhancement mode p-GaN gate power HMET. It is available in different dimensions as per the different current requirement of the device.


GaN Power HEMT Discrete Device

Among the wide band gap (WBG) components, GaN HEMT devices are gaining more attention due to its intrinsic benefits such as high switching speed, high breakdown voltage, high thermal conductivity, and low on-resistance. These devices offer a great advantage in downsizing the power electronics circuits. Imec has a platform available for processing state-of-the art discrete p-GaN power switches, and beyond state-of-the-art co-integrated power switches. Discrete p-GaN gate power switches are fabricated on GaN-on-SOI technology. Our p-GaN technology is offering comparable performance to available industrial alternatives. Datasheet of the 36mm power device is shown below.

Available in bare die

GaN, HEMT, WBG device

Datasheet of imec 36mm reference power HEMT

Symbol Description Test Conditions Min Typ Max Unit
Absolute Maximum Ratings
BVDS Drain-Source voltage 200 V
ID Pulsed Drain Current 1 ms pulse 10 A
VGS Gate-Source voltage 7 V
On/Off state characteristics
BVDS Drain-Source voltage VGS=0V, ID=1µA/mm 200 V
IDSS Drain-Source leakage VGS=0V, VDS=200V 0.5 µA
IGSS Gate-Source leakage VGS=0V, VDS=200V 0.27 µA
RDS-ON Drain-Source ON resistance VGS=7V, ID=2A 0.16 Ω
VTH Gate-Source voltage maximum gm 2.3 V
VDS=0.1V, ID=10µA/mm 1.3 V
Dynamic Characteristics
CISS Input capacitance VGS=3
55 pF
COSS Output capacitance 35 pF
CRSS Reverse transfer capacitance 0.97 pF

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Typical Applications
Use in power switching applications. Suitable for high frequency high power application.

[DOI: 10.1109/IEDM19573.2019.8993572]

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