FlexiFab Clean Room

FlexiFab Clean Room

Access to Tyndall FlexiFab Clean Room for non-standard processing

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Tyndall FlexiFab

Range of cleanrooms designed for flexible process & product development

  • Silicon MOS Fabrication
  • MEMS Fabrication
  • Compound Semiconductor Fabrication
  • Photonics Fab Training Facility
  • e-Beam Lithography
  • Non-standard nano-processing


  • Photo and e-beam lithography
Metal/dielectric deposition
  • e-beam evaporation
    • Temescal FC2000: Metals. 5mm pieces to 100mm wafers. Rate: 0.1Å/s to 20Å/s
    • Temescal/Ferotec UFC4900: Metals. 5mm pieces to 200mm wafers. Rate: 0.2Å/s to 50Å/s
    • Oxford PVD: Metals. 100mm wafers
    • Leybold SyrusPRO 720: dielectric coater. 5mm pieces to 100mm wafers. Rate: 0.1Å/s to 20Å/s
  • Sputtering
    • Nordiko 2500: ∅4″ substrates. Up to 12 wafers. Substrate bias (RF & DC). Process gases: Ar, N2
    • Lesker Sputterer: ∅4″ or ∅6″ substrates. Substrate bias (RF & DC). Substrate heater (up to 500°C). Process gases: Ar, O2, N2
    • STS PECVD: ∅4” substrates. 300°C. Applications Films: SiO2, Si3N4, low-stress Si3N3
  • Electroplating: Digital Matrix Copper Plating
  • Oxford ICP plasma etcher for thin film III-V materials, GaAs, InP and ternary alloys, GaN, AlN and ITO using Cl-based chemistry
  • Synapse Plasma etcher for thin film dielectric materials, SiO2, Si3N4, SiC and BCB using F- based chemistry
  • Wafer bonding
  • Wafer cleaning

Ascent+ facility

Platform Technologies

  • Nano for Quantum Technologies
  • Disruptive Devices
  • Advanced Integration

Key Enabling Capability

  • Processing

Typical Applications
Examples of nanoelectronic devices and test structures fabricated at FlexiFab

  • Integration of new materials, device and subsystem concepts
  • Nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, nanobiotechnology
  • Devices, sensors and NEMS
  • e-beam for nanowire patterning – sub 10nm dimensions
  • Technologies for 2D contacting to nano-scale structures
  • e-beam contacting on flakes: Graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD) monolayers (e.g. MoS2)
  • Metal contact tracks enabled using the electron beam or FIB (Focused ion beam) milling – allows customization of nanowire structures at dimensions of 10nm

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Key Enabling Capability


Platform Technology

Advanced Integration, Disruptive Devices, Nano for Quantum Technologies