Diamond CVD

Diamond CVD

Fraunhofer IAF runs several reactors for chemical vapour deposition of diamond. Homoepitaxy is carried out to obtain diamond layers with highest purity and defined dopant concentration. P-type (B-doped) and n-type (P-doped) layers are available as well as N-doping for quantum technologies with NVs. Poly- and nanocrystalline diamond is grown on wafer-scale level.



IAF has three different reactor systems that offer the possibility to grow diamond layers in different thicknesses, specifications and quantity. Individual substrates can be grown using our 2.5GHz reactors with isotopic enrichment, boron, nitrogen and phosphorous doping. For large quantities of films in the micron range, intrinsic, boron- and nitrogen-doped substrates (up to 500µm) a 915 MHz reactor is used. For specialised applications, employing diamond films at the nanoscale a reactor for short process times is available that offers film thicknesses down to a few nanometers for intrinsic, nitrogen-doped and isotopically-enriched diamond. Polycrystalline diamond (intrinsic, boron- or nitrogen-doped) can be grown on substrates up to a size of 6″.

Typical sample size: 2.5×2.5 mm2 up to 4.5×4.5 mm2. Generally, substrates up to 6″ can be processed if available.
Possible doping concentrations: B: up to 1020 cm-3, P: up to 1019 cm-3, N: up to 1018 cm-3.

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