Cryogenic Photon Emitter

Over recent years we developed single site-controlled quantum dots capable of emitting quantum light when excited at temperatures around -265°C. The emitter is a single nano-box of semiconductor material (quantum dot). The uniqueness of our offering is that the dot position is pre-determined on the semiconductor wafer, making it easy to access.


Single and entangled photon emitters at cryogenic temperature

Pyramidal quantum dots are a unique system developed at Tyndall to provide site-control of quantum dot material. The dots are either InGaAs in GaAs barriers or GaAs in AlGaAs barriers, and are grown in a tetrahedral recess etched on a 111B GaAs substrate. They obtain quantum dots have been repeatedly proven as single and entangled photon emitters at cryogenic temperatures. Emission wavelengths range from 730 to 900 nm. Can be provided as grown, or after substrate removal (apex-up configuration).

Single and entangled photons, site-control, cryogenic temperatures.

Sample size: patterned area typically a sixth of 2″ wafer
Dot pattern: hexagonal; dot recess size <12.5µm or less
Typical emission uniformity: less than 10 meV
Emission energy: 720-800nm / 850-920nm

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Entangled photon emission from quantum dots has been demonstrated:
[DOI: 10.1038/nphoton.2013.128] and [DOI: 10.1038/nphoton.2016.203]

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