Atomic Layer Depositon for FRAM, RRAM, 2D/3D MIMs and Electrode deposition



Atomic Layer Deposition Platform

Leading edge high-k technologies for 300mm (12″) and smaller wafer sizes in a unique competence center for Atomic Layer Deposition – bridging the need for initial high investment for entering the field of ALD for small to large sized companies. We are addressing the needs of fast and accurate electrical results for process development or failure analysis, customized tests and characterization services on wafer level as well as the scale up of novel precursor chemistries. From early lab results to 300mm (12″) processing equipment that is qualified to run device wafers and support pilot ramp into manufacturing, the Screening Fab is covering all process steps.

  • ALD deposited high-k oxides and electrodes for: stand-alone memory and embedded memory (SRAM, DRAM, RRAM and FRAM)
  • HfO2, TiN and TaN for high-k / Metal Gate (HKMG) for different flavors: high-k first, high-k last, FDSOI and FinFET transistor technologies
  • Fully CMOS-compatible ALD deposited HfO2 based ferroelectrics for FeFET NVM memory
  • Passive components integrating ALD deposited 3D high-k MIM capacitors (for buffering and decoupling purposes in chip (System on Chip – SoC) or package (System in Package – SiP) level)
  • Plasma activated ALD (PEALD) nickel for NiSi source/drain contacts
  • ALD processes of metal and metal nitrides integrated in 28nm BEOL copper interconnects
  • PEALD oxide and nitrides for the transistor module and for sub 28nm double patterning schemes such as SADP
  • Hardmask for high aspect etching in silicon and oxide
  • Passivation layers for photovoltaics
  • ALD processes for MEMS/MOEMS applications: etch stops, wear resistant layers, optical layers (Bragg mirror) and sensor materials (ISFET)


Tool Details (300mm)
  • ASM A412 ALD/pulsed CVD TiN as electrode
    • Si/SiGe epitaxy or amorph; insitu n- or p-doped; 25, 50, 100 Wfr boat
  • ASM Emerald: High-k dielectric stacks. Precursors (HFCl4, TEMAH applicable)
  • Jusung Eureka3000: oxides (using O3) & nitrides (using NH3)
    • Possible materials: ZrO2, HfO2, TiO2, TiON, Al2O3, SrTiO3 , SiO2
    • Nanolaminates/mixtures/doping possible (e.g. Si-doped HfO2, Si-doped ZrO2)
Tool Details (200mm)
  • Oxford OIPT FlexaL: Deposition of oxides (Al2O3, HfO2, SiO2, TiO2) and nitrides (TiN)
    • Deposition of lithium containing materials (LiPON, Lithiumtitanate, e.g. Li4Ti5O12) as electrodes and electrolytes for solid state thin film batteries

Ascent+ facility
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Case Study

Fraunhofer offers research and development to partners who do not have their own manufacturing possibilities. Therefore small companies or universities could experiment with conformal covered deep trench structure for 3D applications (3D capacitors). Another use case is to gather experiences with different precursors or even test the introduction of a new precursors if compatible.

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