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9th ASCENT Newsletter – April 2018

Apply now: Limited number of opportunities remain, spring call closes 30th April 2018

We are really busy with new enquiries and we will only have four more calls for access proposals in ASCENT so now is the time to apply for fully-funded access to our facilities at Tyndall, imec and CEA-Leti. It’s very simple to apply and if you are not sure exactly how you can benefit from this programme then please email us and we can discuss your research needs.

This is an exciting opportunity to have access to latest technology data, test wafers, flexible fabrication and world class characterisation equipment so don’t lose out – contact us today!


If you would like us to set up a webinar/skype call for your team see item 5 below.


2nd PhD Accelerator Programme (March 2018) at CEA Leti

Left to right: Talib Al Ameri (Univ. Glasgow, Scotland), Jordi Muñoz Gorriz (Univ. Autonoma Barcelona, Spain), Sofie Beyne (KU Leuven, Belgium), Sandeep Kingra (IIT Dehli, India), Ganesh Jayakumar (KTH Stockholm, Sweden) & DongGeun Park (Univ. Seong, Korea)

LETI organised its first ASCENT PhD Accelerator workshop from 3rd-5th March. This course addressed key topics of reliability, electrical characterization and failure analysis which present generic applications for the development of many technologies.

6 students from across Europe and also Asia were selected from 38 applicants.

As well as covering the general and theoretical aspects for each topic, a very original and specific aspect of this course is that it also addressed experimental and practice; this complementary experience in direct interaction with LETI experts was very appreciated by all of the students.

The students also had the opportunity to visit various laboratories including electrical characterisation for nanoelectronics, MEMS fabrication and physical and chemical characterisation, visits which gave them a global view of LETI offer within ASCENT.

Several ideas for ASCENT enquiries emerged during the event which we are currently following up.


Tyndall: 3rd PhD Accelerator Programme (April 2018)

Tyndall National Institute will host six PhD students for the next Accelerator Programme later this month. Attendees were selected from over forty applicants to the programme and will travel from various countries across Europe.

This three day event will incorporate both lectures and research laboratory visits for hands-on practical training on fabrication and characterisation of nanoelectronic technologies.

The topics covered will include Nanofabrication, covering e-beam lithography, molecular doping, etching and metal/dielectric deposition in the nanoscale. Electrical characterisation will cover on-wafer RF and DC probing and there will be separate modules on optical and magnetic characterisation techniques. Physical techniques including SEM, HR-TEM, FIB and AFM will be presented in the context of on-going nanoelectronics research.

Julie Donnelly, ASCENT Project Co-ordinator remarked “We are really looking forward to welcoming this group to Tyndall. The programme will be a practical three day visit. While at Tyndall the students will get a real sense of the steps involved in Nanofabrication as well as the various characterisation techniques required in the semiconductor industry”


EuroSOI-ULIS 2018 Conference

The ASCENT team presented ASCENT offer of access to nanofabrication and characterisation facilities and 14nm technologies data at EuroSOI-ULIS in March.

The 4th joint EUROSOI–ULIS 2018 Conference was held in Granada, Spain. This Conference gathers together, in an interactive forum, all scientists and engineers working in the field of SOI technology and advanced nanoscale devices.

One of the key objectives of the conference is to promote collaboration and partnership between different academia, research and industry players in the field. More than 100 attendees participated in this conference. There was strong interest on the ASCENT activities and we have received a number of enquiries as a result.


Engage now through our Webinar

With the ASCENT programme at peak demand we are now advising all interested researchers to contact us soon in order to start the process of applying for access to the infrastructure.

Contact Paul at paul.roseingrave (AT) and we’ll take it from there and arrange a date and time to suit your schedule.

The short webinar/conference call will allow us to:

  1. Introduce ourselves
  2. Hear about you needs/requirements
  3. Explain how to access research infrastructure through the ASCENT programme

We will outline the technology and infrastructure on offer at all three partner sites, at imec in Belgium, CEA-Leti in France and Tyndall in Ireland, while also giving examples of projects which have already been delivered through the programme.

Date & time:
To suit you
Information on how to access!
30 minutes
Q & A:

Contact paul.roseingrave (at) to arrange your own Webinar.

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