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ASCENT+ serves as a direct entry point to a European Nanoelectronics Research Infrastructure of global scale offering access to key enabling capabilities in state-of-the-art processing, modelling and simulation data sets, metrology and characterisation, and devices and test structures.

ASCENT+ addresses emerging research challenges in nanoelectronics and enable a smooth consistent transition of the European industry to a new era.

ASCENT+ offers an unparalleled opportunity to users, empowering them to respond to new problems and to advance knowledge and technology through generating novel results and nurturing talent in their own labs.

European and global foresight studies have indicated that the next era is driven by the need to achieve:

  • Quantum advantage using solid-state platforms
  • Low-power, energy-efficient, high-performance computing based on disruptive devices
  • Increased functionality through advanced integration of a diverse range of materials and innovative technologies

ASCENT+ enables and stimulates its user community to bridge the gap between scientific exploration and development of proof-of-concept technologies to accelerate innovation pathfinding.

ASCENT+ presents a unique opportunity at a pivotal time where traditional scaling is coming to an end.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreements 871130 and 654384.