4th Workshop
IEEE ED Poland Chapter Colloquium, MixDes 2017, Bydgoszcz (Poland), June 2017
3rd Workshop
MOS-AK Workshop, ESSDERC 2016, Lausanne (Switzerland), September 2016
2nd Workshop
INC12, Leuven (Belgium), May 2016
1st Workshop
ET2015, Sozopol (Bulgaria), September 2015
Workshop 4: IEEE ED Poland Chapter Colloquium (@ MixDes 2017)
ASCENT was presented at the
IEEE ED Poland Chapter Colloquium on
“Characterization and SPICE Modeling for Nanoscaled IC Designs”

The ASCENT team recently attended the MixDes 2017 Conference which took place in Bydgoszcz (Poland). MixDes is an annual Central-European forum for the presentation and discussion of recent advances in design, modelling, simulation, testing and manufacturing of micro and nanoelectronics, semiconductors, sensors, actuators and power devices.

ED MiniColloquium

As part of our participation in MixDes we were invited to present the programme at the IEEE Electron Devices Poland-Chapter Colloquium. ASCENT organised a Workshop on Widening Participation, where we showed an overview of the programme together with detailed presentations on the facilities available at each of the partners’ sites as well as an introduction to the Virtual Access to 14nm technology data. The audience, with a large representation of modelling and TCAD community, were particularly interested on the availability of data and gave a very positive response to the offerings.

MixDes 2017

ASCENT was also presented at the main MixDes conference with an invited talk. We had a booth for the full three days of the conference, where attendees were able to learn more about the programme and start discussion with the team on enquiries and potential projects.

MixDes logo

Workshop 3: ASCENT at MOS-AK Workshop, during ESSDERC 2016
ASCENT was presented at the
14thMOS-AK Workshop
which took place during ESSDERC 2016
in Lausanne (Switzerland) on Monday 12th September 2016
(Download presentation)


MOS-AK aims to encourage interaction and sharing of all information related to compact modelling. It has built a community with global connections by promoting standardisation of compact models and its implementation into software tools, connecting national and local modelling groups on European level and building strong bilateral ties with similar organisations around the world.

MOS-AK conducts regular meetings with European industry and academia to exchange information on the strengths and weaknesses of the industrialisation of compact models. The most recent MOS-AK Workshop was held during ESSDERC 2016. Jim Greer took part in this Workshop, presenting ASCENT and how its access to research infrastructure activities (Test chips, Characterisation facilities, Virtual Access to 14nm technologies data, etc.) can directly support the modelling community. There was strong interest from over 25 attendees at the Workshop.

Download presentation

ASCENT was also present at ESSDERC itself, with an exhibition stand providing information to potential users. As a result of this, over 20 new users have signed up to become members of the ASCENT community. Several contacts showed interest on submitting an enquiry, both for transnational and virtual access.


Workshop 2: ASCENT workshop at INC12
ASCENT – 2nd Workshop
Delivered during INC12
Leuven (Belgium) on Tuesday 10th May 2016


This INC12 Conference was held in Leuven, Belgium from 10-12 May 2016.
INC12 is the world’s premier nanotechnology conference for industry, government and academia targeting nano collaboration and communication of inventions, innovations, global trends and societal impacts.

The workshop was held during the poster session and speakers from the 3 project partners (imec, CEA-Leti & Tyndall), along with Prof. George Angelov, a member of the ASCENT User committee, delivered presentations outlining this new access project.

The Workshop talks included (click to view):

Workshop 1: ASCENT workshop at ET 2015
XXIV International Conference Electronics ET2015
Organised by Technical University of Sofia
Sozopol, 15-17 September 2015


This conference was held in Sozopol, Bulgaria from 15-17 September 2015.
The conference was organised by the Technical University of Sofia in co-operation with Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

A stand alone workshop was integrated into this conference and speakers from the 3 project partners (imec, CEA-Leti & Tyndall) delivered presentations outlining this new access project, which will officially launch on 1st November 2015. The Workshop agenda included:

  • ASCENT Overview
  • Tyndall Offer
  • imec Offer
  • Leti Offer
  • Virtual Access