New Offerings

ASCENT White paper

An Exploration of Contamination Types and Contamination Control Techniques Currently used in the Fabrication of Nanoelectronics

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Leti-NSP SPICE Model

ASCENT is now offering access to Leti-NSP Model through our Virtual Access

  • SPICE Model for 3D MOSFETs
  • Model valid for GAA Nanowires (1 up to n-stacked)
  • Model valid for all possible section shapes of nanowires (cylindrical, rectangular, double gate, …)

ASCENT is now offering access to micro-bumps and Cu pillars for 3D integration.

For more information, visit imec µ-bump offer

imec is now able to offer semi-additive µ-Bumping or Cu pillar processing for users with previously processed Si CMOS or MEMS wafers.

Additionally we can offer short loop µ-Bump or Cu pillar wafer preparation for specific characterisation activities (e.g. metrology development, Failure Analysis understanding, etc.).

Larger integration projects may be considered on a case by case basis.