How To

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Step 1 – Sign Up and Enquire

There is a simple sign-up page that allows you become a member of the ASCENT+ network. Members will receive specific information on ASCENT+ technologies, details about upcoming events and news.

From the sign-up page you can also make a more detailed technical enquiry, giving a brief description of your access interest. This important step will ensure that the specific technologies/measurements you require are available and that you are eligible before you go through the Access Application procedure. It will also help you identify the most suitable facility.

Step 2 – Apply

To formally apply, you will fill an Access Application Form with the help of the facility Technical Point of Contact (TPoC). The proposal will outline the type of access you require and the tasks to be carried out at the facility. The ASCENT+ Access Interface Team will provide help if required. Application and selection is a continuous/rolling process with submission deadlines occurring at the end of each calendar month.

The ASCENT+ Selection Panel reviews your Access Application Form and decides if transnational access will be granted. The primary criterion for selection of a proposal will be scientific merit (Proposed Innovation, Expected Outcomes, and Access Planning).

Step 3 – Access

Once Access is approved you will liaise directly with the facility TPoC to organise access. This can be a physical visit to the infrastructure site or remote access. Your Access visits will be scheduled to facilitate both you and the internal schedules at each site. Where possible (e.g. for access to test and characterisation facilities) hands-on access will be provided, subject to satisfactory completion of any training required. Where restrictions apply (e.g. advanced processing/fabrication nanoelectronics facilities) you will still be able to visit the fabrication facility and see the processes being undertaken by the facility staff.

At the end of the access period, together with the facility, you will prepare a User Report outlining the outputs (including data generated) and impact resulting from the access. The research outputs will generally be journal publications and conference presentations. All publications and presentations should acknowledge the support from ASCENT+.

Fraunhofer Mikroelektronik | imec | INL | Leti | Tyndall