Fab Access
Access to Tyndall FlexiFab for non-standard processing
Electrical Characterisation Access
Access to Tyndall electrical characterisation labs
Physical Characterisation Access
Access to Tyndall device characterisation facilities

Tyndall FlexiFab

Range of cleanrooms designed for
flexible process & product development
Tyndall's FlexiFab
  • Silicon MOS Fabrication
  • MEMS Fabrication
  • Compound Semiconductor Fabrication
  • Photonics Fab Training Facility
  • e-Beam Lithography
  • Non-standard nano-processing

Examples of nanoelectronic devices and
test structures fabricated at FlexiFab
  • Integration of new materials, device and subsystem concepts
  • Nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, nanobiotechnology
  • Tunnelling devices, sensors and NEMS
  • e-beam for nanowire patterning – sub 10nm dimensions
  • Technologies for 2D contacting to nano-scale structures
  • e-beam contacting on flakes: Graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD) monolayers (e.g. MoS2)
  • Metal contact tracks enabled using the electron beam or FIB (Focused ion beam) milling – allows customization of nanowire structures at dimensions of 10nm and lower (potentially 2.5nm)
Tyndall's FlexiFab Products

Electrical Characterisation Labs

Open Access Test Lab Wide range of test equipment for device and wafer testing
e.g.: impedance, capacitance, voltage, current, spectrum analysers, …
Nanoscale Test Lab Variable Temperature, Micromanipulator Probe Stations
Reliability Test Lab Wide range of test equipment for packaged devices
Tyndall's Open Access Test Lab
Open Access Test Lab
  • High-k dielectric analysis
  • Junctionless InGaAs MOSFETS
  • Fully automatic and semi-automatic wafer level tests (-55 to 300°C)
  • CV (fF) and IV (fA) characterisation at controlled temperature
Tyndall's Open Access Test Lab
Nanoscale Test Lab
Tyndall's Open Access Test Lab
  • Parameter analyser for ultra-precise measurements (0.1 fA, 0.5 µV)
  • Variable temperature probe stations with micromanipulator
  • Cryogenic probe stations: 77 to 400K (±0.1K)

Physical Characterisation Labs

Electron Microscopy Facility High Resolution TEM, SEM and FIB, EDAX capability
Nanoscale Characterisation AFM, SEM and electrical characterisation
Optical Spectroscopy Raman & Optical Spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy
Magnetic Characterisation SQUID magnetometer for nano magnetic materials
Package Characterisation Scanning Acoustic microscope, X-ray analysis
Tyndall Characterisation Labs
Electron Microscopy Facility / Nanovisualisation
Standard Imaging and Elemental Analysis from crystal lattices, nanostructures, surfaces, layers to full devices and systems
  • High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy HR-TEM
  • Ultra High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy UHR-SEM
  • Nanoanalytical Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy EDX
  • Scanning probe microscope (AFM): 4 nm (lateral res.) , 0.1 nm (vertical)
Electron Microscopy Facility
Focussed Ion Beam (FIB)
Complete nanotechnology lab in one tool
Tyndall's FIB
  • High resolution pole piece – point-to-point resolution of 0.21 nm
  • EDS, Oxford instruments, INCA 250, site-lock drift correction system for high resolution elemental mapping
  • In-situ STM-TEM holders, high temperature TEM holders
  • STEM mode with BF and HAADF detectors (0.8 nm resolution)
  • Oxford Instruments X-MAX 80 for high productivity EDS analysis
  • Cryo preparation for liquid and gel-like materials